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Temporary Employment (AÜG)

Temporary employment, also known as AUG or body leasing, describes the provision of employees to other companies. In Germany, the provision of temporary employment is strictly regulated and only permitted if the provider is holing a license for doing so (AÜG-Lizenz). The process for obtaining such a license takes ca. 6 to 12 weeks. It could take longer if the applying company has its seat in another country than Germany. Once issued, the holder can then use the licence to place his employees in the market.


Dr. Dwyer Legal law firm is specialising on the application and the processing of such licences and can provide a full end-to-end-service in all aspects. This includes consulting on the many regulations, the provider has to observe when providing employees to other companies. To give an example for the restriction, it can be named that special contracts have to be implementes when processing the services, the equal treatment principle has to be observed and the body leasing also must not take longer than 9, 15 or 19 months, depending ion the circumstances.

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